Ballot Measures

Measure GS ADVISORY VOTE ONLY: If a local transactions and use tax is enacted in Santa Monica, should half its revenue be used to improve and maintain local public schools, including attracting and retaining high-quality teachers, expanding access to pre-schools, assisting at-risk students, and improving school technology, arts, music, math, and science instruction; and half to help preserve and ensure housing in Santa Monica that is affordable, protect residents from displacement by rising housing costs, and reduce homelessness? Read More About Measure GS

Measure GSH To maintain and improve Santa Monica community services including support for preservation of affordable housing, reducing homelessness, school repair and improvement, education of Santa Monica children and students, and other general fund services, shall an ordinance be adopted to enact a Santa Monica one-half percent Santa Monica's transactions and use tax, subject to independent annual audits, all funds used locally, no money going to Sacramento, raising approximately $16 million annually, until ended by the voters? Read More About Measure GSH

Measure LV Shall the City's General Plan and Municipal Code be amended to require: a new permit process for major development projects exceeding base sizes or heights of 32-36 feet, with exceptions such as single unit dwellings and some affordable housing projects; voter approval of major development projects and development agreements, excluding affordable housing and moderate income and senior housing projects, among others; and voter approval of changes to City land use and planning policy documents? Read More About Measure LV

Measure SM Shall Article XXII of the City Charter be amended to, among other things: expand the prohibition against kickbacks as rewards for certain official actions, create an exemption for volunteers serving certain City-funded non-profits, clarify the application of the Article’s prohibitions, the City Attorney's authority and enforcement responsibilities, and the scope of available remedies? Read More About Measure SM

Measure V To improve local access to affordable higher education for high school graduates/ adults/ veterans; improve education/ career training in math, science, writing, arts, business; shall Santa Monica Community College District issue $345,000,000 in bonds at legal rates, with citizens oversight/ annual audits, to repair, upgrade, construct, modernize, equip facilities for technology, science/ biotech, college readiness; repair aging, leaky classrooms, remove asbestos, upgrade disabled access, seismic and campus safety? Read More About Measure V

City Attorney Accountability Initiative An initiative measure amending the City Charter to require an elected City Attorney. Petitions for this initiative were not filed within the allowed time and will not be placed in the November 8, 2016 ballot. Read More About City Attorney Accountability Initiative

Utility Users Initiative An initiative measure repealing Santa Monica Municipal Code Chapter 6.72 which established the Utility Users Tax. Petitions for this initiative were not filed within the allowed time and will not be placed in the November 8, 2016 ballot. Read More About Utility Users Initiative